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Deep in the magical forest of Egypt near a pool of water one of the princes of the naga's Sliou was laying lazily on a rock basking in the Egyptian sun. His long silver tail was stretched out beneath him glittering beautifully in the sun. His long straight inky black hair was fanned out around him drying after a swim. When he was done drying he slithered down from the rock and went for a walk in the forest. He slithered trough the forest listening to the rustling of leaves and feeling the warm breeze. He was eating random fruits he came upon on his walk. Sliou was slithering along an hardly used path in the forest enjoying the air when his silver eyes catched something glittering on the ground a few meters out of the woods. He stared at it. What could it be? He cocked his head and pondered. He was already a lot more away from the naga territory then he was used to. The naga elders had always said to stay away from the end of the forest. Well. He would just check what it was and then quickly go into the forest again. He slithered out of the forest and towards the thing that was shining in the sun. Sliou peered curiously down on it. It was a beautiful silver bracelet clad with small onyx stones that was glittering beautifully in the sun. He picked it up and admired it. Sliou carefully put it on but when he did the bracelet started shining more than before and long silver ropes shot out of it. He cried out in alarm when the silver ropes wrapped around his wrists. While he was busy trying to free his wrists a huge net suddenly landed on him. He started trashing around but the more he moved the more the net wrapped around him. Soon Sliou couldn't move a muscle. As he was lying helpless on the ground four strange creatures came up to him. He stared transfixed at them. He had certainly never seen anything like that before! The upper body half of the creature looked just like a naga's except that the skin was brown unlike the pale white of a nagas. Their ears weren't pointed like an nagas either. Their hair was very short and everyone had black hair. The nagas usually have several different colors ranging from warm gold to icy blue. Their eyes was all black to unlike the nagas several different colors. Their pupils weren't slitted either but round. Their claws was blunt, transparent and short not like the nagas black sharp long claws. From what he could glimpse of their fangs when the creatures talked. They were blunt and not sharp at all! What use is that? But it was beneath the waist that the creature is totally  different. Instead of the beautiful long snake tail of a naga there was two short tails! And the tails looked weird to. There aren't any scales on them! They was the same brow color as the rest of the body. The creatures were wearing cloths hanging beneath the waist. While the naga prince studied the strange creatures the creatures studied him to. They looked chocked and was chattering excitedly with each other. The noises sounded a bit like the naga language but didn't sound as beautiful. The strange creatures started nervously approach Sliou. But as the creatures are probably the ones that had captured him and he wasn't very happy right now he flashed his fangs in warning and hissed dangerously at them. They stopped abruptly and stared nervously at him. They started talking again. One of them picked up a strange formed stick. He eyed it with some suspicion. The creature holding it aimed it at him and blew in it. A projectile flew out of it and he hissed loudly in pain and anger as it burrowed itself in his skin. His claws lengthened and his fangs started dripping deadly poison. He glared at the creatures but he couldn't keep it up as his vision were starting to become black around the edges. He struggled to remain awake but slowly lost the fight. The last thing he saw before falling unconscious was the creatures coming close to him. Then it all went black.
Err..Preview of a story that I'm writing. Tell me what you think so far ^^'

Chapter 2 [link]
Chapter 3 [link]
Chapter 4 [link]
Chapter 5 [link]
Chapter 6 [link]
Kakurosu Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012
this just needs to continue - pleeeeeease !
e2s86 Featured By Owner May 9, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
Sliou BIO

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